The Melissa Rauch Boob Debate Thread

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Nemesis, Jan 12, 2012.


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  1. Nemesis
    • Administrator
    Tina the FemSpock

    How big are her boobs? TheDrGrafenberg seems to think they're Cs if she's lucky, but I think she's packing more under there.

    melissa rauch breast size.jpg melissa-rauch-hbos-2011-emmy-party-9tSkQ7.jpg
  2. theDrGrafenberg Cervix destroyer

    She needs to make a sex tape so we can see them fuckers in action!
  3. Nemesis
    • Administrator
    Tina the FemSpock

    Or at least an implied nude photo. There's NOTHING. I've been scouring the internet.
  4. theDrGrafenberg Cervix destroyer

    How about this:

  5. Nemesis
    • Administrator
    Tina the FemSpock

    LMFAO, that's EXCELLENT. Who did that and where did you find it?!
  6. theDrGrafenberg Cervix destroyer

    No idea who did it. It was a Google image return.
  7. Well this went weird pretty quickly from "im watching the big bang theory" to "The Melissa Rauch Boob Debate"
  8. Nemesis
    • Administrator
    Tina the FemSpock

    It's typical, really. Eventually it will progress the way all things do.
    "I'm watching the Big Bang Theory.">"Who's the hottest girl in BBT?">"Melissa Rauch has great bewbs.">"The Melissa Rauch Boob Debate">"ZOMG This tranny looks just like Melissa Rauch">"Here's a blonde woman that doesn't look like Melissa Rauch wearing a hat made of tampons!">"LOL Watch this fucked up porno clip!">"ROFL">"LOL">"O.o">(Thread dies.)

  9. yozac Guest

    Due to stupidity/dyslexia, misread topic: "The Melissa Boob Ranch Debate Thread."
  10. Nemesis
    • Administrator
    Tina the FemSpock

    I think we can all agree that tits and ranch go well together. Ranch goes with everything.
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