The Melissa Rauch Boob Debate Thread

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Place your bets...

B cup 1 vote(s) 7.1%
C cup 8 vote(s) 57.1%
D cup 5 vote(s) 35.7%
DDzzzzzz 0 vote(s) 0.0%

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  1. Nemesis
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    Tina the FemSpock

    It's not "rape"'s "surprise buttseckz!" The motto of EGF lives on, lol.
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  2. HobbsO Guest

    I guess you lot never solved this one. Turns out you can find out here in questions 1 and 7 that Melissa Rauch has a bra size of 28HH/28J. That's an 8/9 inch space that you can confirm with her measurements from Too be honest she's really skinny and her boobs are so big they make her clothes hang out further. This makes her books look smaller and makes her look fatter. Like I said before though she wears a 28 inch bra with a HH/J cup so...WIN
  3. HobbsO Guest

    And to elaborate here's a good picture of her showing her size off,r:20,s:45,i:213&tx=52&ty=73
  4. theDrGrafenberg Cervix destroyer

  5. Nemesis
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    Tina the FemSpock


    I'm going to address each of her statements with FACTS.

    1. Large Breasts are Fake
    Mine are fake, but my fake ones are slightly smaller than my real ones were. My experience has been that most skinny women have fake boobs. Fat women have large, misshapen boobs.

    2. Women with Large Breasts are Easy
    Fat women tend to be pretty easy due to the whole low self-esteem thing. So are skinny women with body image issues and maybe there's a correlation there?

    3. Women with Large Breasts are Stupid
    Women in general are stupid. Bra size is irrelevant.

    4. Breasts are for Men to Oggle
    Yes. They are. Because if their main purpose is really to feed children and destroy our pre-baby aesthetically pleasing boobies, then the world is a cruel place indeed.

    5. Large Breasted Women Purposely Show off their Chests
    If you bought them, fuck yes you're going to show them off. If you were born with them, you're less likely to do so. I was made fun of a lot in school because I was the only 8th grader with a D cup. So, I strapped that shit down with multiple sports bras and tank tops with built in shelf bras. Then I nursed, realized what I had after I lost it, and bought new ones. I still don't show them off, but I sure as fuck don't strap them to my chest anymore.

    6. Large Breasted Women Enjoy All the Attention
    Heh. Yeah we do. You bitches can lie and say you don't, but you do. I have friends that have been on both sides of the fence. They admit that they get better treatment with D cups than they did with their A cups.

    7. Large Breasted Women are Plus-sized/Fat/Weak
    I don't know about weak but I sure as hell can't run far without giving myself black eyes.
  6. theDrGrafenberg Cervix destroyer

    Today is a day of education.

    I think we can all agree boobies are awesome.

  7. Nemesis
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    Tina the FemSpock


    ( . Y . )
  8. Steven J Guest

    I don't feel like we have an answer yet, If Melissa is a C cup it is a very full C. I am still leaning towards a D cup using my 47 seven years experience observing and enjoying busty women. She has to be above average size or we wouldn't be having this discussion.
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  9. theDrGrafenberg Cervix destroyer

  10. Xanthos
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    How the fuck does this have 35k views and 28 replies. lol

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